“GET LOST”; Hybrid of the Streets – Ariyahna

What in the hell is “Hybrid of the Streets?”  Good question.  

In short, “Hybrid of the Streets” is a personal project of mine that combines the feel of street photography with the look of an environmental portrait.  Everyday humans with an unorthodox sense of style posing on the street, but with higher production value.  The name derives from my first model, who reposted one of my photos to Instagram and sent it to Twitter: because of the 140 character limit, the name was cut short.  So I took it.

I have always been fascinated by “street” fashion.  My fashion sense has always been unique, and it has definitely evolved with time.  During high school, I would essentially take whatever Gwen Stefani was wearing and translate it into menswear.  As my taste broadened, I began to pull influences from other cultures: Rockabilly, punk, formalwear, even some hip-hop.  My fashion sense has also transformed with each location I’ve moved––most recently, the West Coast.  My residence in California introduced me to surf wear and taught me that just wearing “shorts and a t-shirt” could be exciting as well.

I worked with Ariyahna years ago and watched her style evolve via Instagram.  I knew she was the perfect model to begin this exploration, and I photographed her on a playground last week in Philadelphia.  Canon 7D; Sigma 10-20mm; Canon Speedlite diffused with a 60″ umbrella.

Follow Ariyahna on Instagram: @highimariyahna.

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BACKTRACKING: Saer’s “Event Horizon”

Since I’ve been M.I.A. for the past few months, I decided to backtrack a bit to show everyone the work I’ve been doing.  Because that’s really what this blog is all about, right?  Photography!

Right after I returned to the East Coast, I shot some promotional photos for my cousin Sean (a.k.a. Saer) in preparation for the release of his debut track “Event Horizon” (Sounds of Elysium).   This is a very exciting time for our family, because I truly believe he is about to blow up.  My shoot with Saer marked the first time I collaborated with an EDM artist, so it was a learning experience for both of us.  I shot on my Canon 7D with the Sigma 10-20mm ƒ/4-5.6 EX DC HSM lit with a Canon 430EXII Speedlite attached to a PocketBox.  We were shooting in a small space, and the equipment worked incredibly well for how compact our location was.

Be sure to check Saer out on Facebook, Twitter, and download “Event Horizon” on iTunes here!

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