CMJ 2014: New Zealand Showcase @ The Studio at Webster Hall

As I continue with my CMJ recaps, I want to thank everyone for their comments and viewership! ¬†This is the most traffic my blog has had in a long while. ¬†I’m glad to see people are appreciating new music as much as I am.

The New Zealand Showcase was my first assignment at CMJ. ¬†I’d previously shot upstairs at Webster Hall before, but never in the Studio; which is located underneath the main auditorium. ¬†The Studio at Webster Hall is a¬†very intimate¬†venue to say the least, and quite the contrast to the multi-level behemoth upstairs. ¬†Inside, folks were passing around a variety of Kiwi appetizers ¬†to prime the crowd for¬†the impending New Zealand takeover of New York City. ¬†October 21st’s bill consisted of four artists: Chelsea Jade¬†(a sonic artist who implements field recordings of everyday sounds to punctuate her music), Doprah¬†(a self-proclaimed “sinister and evil cult which lures young people into drug-taking”), “future funk” quintet¬†Orchestra of Spheres¬†(whom use a variety of homemade instruments), and Popstrangers¬†(a trio of New Zealand transplants based in London delivering a blend of grunge, pop, garage rock, etc., the product of which creates a very distinct sound).

Be sure to check them all out after viewing the photos laying past this jump!

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