Happy New Year; Remember Jones @ Asbury Lanes

First and foremost, Happy 2015!  I “took the holidays off” except I was actually silently working away on my new portfolio, now hosted on PhotoShelter!  Also, I’m staying in Philadelphia (insert celebration emojis here)!  I have truly fallen in love with this city once again (aside from the winter — that part still sucks) and I am excited to explore the music scene here, as well as in my hometown of New York City.  Even though my home base will be here on the East Coast, I haven’t given up on the West.  I already have two trips booked out west for 2015: back in my second home of Los Angeles (Feb. 5 – Feb. 13) and hitting up Seattle in late August.  I have recently become fascinated with urban exploration, so if there are any photographers in those areas interested in linking up, give me a shout!

And now onto the actual content.  I finally had the pleasure of shooting my good friend, extraordinarily talented human Anthony D’Amato on January 16th.  This gig came on the heels of Anthony debuting his new stage persona, Remember Jones, at the end of last year (check out his bang-heard-round-the-world cover of Van Morrison’s “Caravan” here please and thank you).  D’Amato has been involved in the music scene with his bands The Live Debate! and Anthony D’Amato and the Emancipation Congregation (also… YouTube it).  The performance I covered last week was part of the Light of Day Festival benefitting the Light of Day Foundation. Fun fact: the lectric set broke venue records by having the largest amount of people on the Asbury Lanes stage at one time.  After you check out the photos, download Remember Jones’ cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.”  All images shot on the Canon 7D with the EF 85mm ƒ/1.8 USM lens.

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