Kodaline (with Gavin James) at TLA, 4/21/15 [Show Review & Photo Gallery]

I’ve never re-blogged something before. Anyway, here are my shots and write-up from the Kodaline show on Ear Nuggets.

Ear Nuggets

To see all of the photos from the show, visit Ear Nuggets on Facebook here, or click on any image in the article.

© 2015 Conor Clancy for Ear Nuggets

I wouldn’t refer to myself as the best Irishman.  Corned beef grosses me out, I don’t particularly enjoy Celtic music and I had to force myself to acquire a taste for Jameson.  Naturally, I hadn’t heard of Ireland-based Kodaline before last month-–when my good friend Tori told me she had bought a ticket for their TLA show.  It’s fitting that Kodaline (and support act Gavin James, also from Dublin) hit the road on the “Ones to Watch” tour: right after I agreed to check them out, more of my friends began posting Kodaline’s music to Facebook.  After experiencing both acts live, I can also urge you folks to “watch” for them.

Tuesday evening started with 22 year-old singer-songwriter Gavin James, who walked onto the stage holding only a guitar.  No frills…

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