EXPOSURE Series – Grant Stivers

Here we go. ย The first of (hopefully) many instances in which I will be highlighting talented photographers around my age with the goal of showing anyone starting out thatย you can do it! ย If there is enough interest in this project, I will be moving it off of my personal blog and into its own entity.

Grant Stivers

I found Grant’s work while browsing the “Young Photographers Los Angeles” pool on Flickr. ย When I looked at the description box, my mouth dropped open; Grant Stivers shoots film with a manual-focus SLR. ย The images he creates are beautiful: perfect exposure with a real understanding of composition, and he does it all for fun. ย Grant is 24 years old and hails from Peachtree City, Georgia. ย He works full-time in Television production and currently resides in Los Angeles. ย Read on to hear about Grant’s reasoning behind shooting color film, why he picked up a camera in the first place, and what his favorite gift from his mother was.

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