“GET LOST”; Hybrid of the Streets – Ariyahna

What in the hell is “Hybrid of the Streets?” ¬†Good question. ¬†

In short, “Hybrid of the Streets” is a personal project of mine that combines the feel of street photography with the look of an environmental portrait. ¬†Everyday humans with an unorthodox sense of style posing on the street, but with higher production value. ¬†The name derives from my first model, who reposted one of my photos to Instagram and sent it to Twitter: because of the 140 character limit, the name was cut short. ¬†So I took it.

I have always been fascinated by “street” fashion. ¬†My fashion sense has always been unique, and it has definitely evolved with time. ¬†During high school, I would essentially take whatever Gwen Stefani was wearing and translate it into menswear. ¬†As my taste broadened, I began to pull influences from other cultures: Rockabilly, punk, formalwear, even some hip-hop. ¬†My fashion sense has also transformed with each location I’ve¬†moved‚Äď‚Äďmost recently, the West Coast. ¬†My residence in California introduced me to surf wear and taught me that just wearing “shorts and a t-shirt” could be exciting as well.

I worked with Ariyahna years ago and watched¬†her style evolve via Instagram. ¬†I knew she was the perfect model to begin this exploration, and I photographed¬†her on a playground last week in Philadelphia. ¬†Canon 7D; Sigma 10-20mm; Canon Speedlite diffused with a 60″ umbrella.

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