How To Shoot Great Concert Photos Using a Point-and-Shoot

I love shooting live music.  I really really love it, and I was doing it for years before deciding to make it my living.

My first ever rock concert was No Doubt at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. ¬†I walked into the club with one disposable camera and used it up within the first three songs (one of those photos can be seen¬†here). ¬†Capturing that memory forever is something I still look back on, and it sparked my initial interest in live music photography. ¬†For most, seeing a favorite artist live is an event they want to capture themselves‚Äď‚Äďit adds a personal touch to the concert going experience. ¬†But this is a practice that has been botched way too many times by those who have no freaking clue what they are doing. ¬†I urge you: If you’re going to take pictures at a concert, do it the right way. ¬†Say goodbye to zooming all the way on your iPhone to get a fuzzy outline of your favorite performers. ¬†You will now be an ace at photographing concerts on your compact camera (remember that thing? ¬†Before your¬†iPhone?).

I’m going to break this down into three major portions: 1) Selecting a camera for the concert, 2) Shooting the photos, and finally 3) Post-processing. ¬†

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